Register your Rubix audio interface and get six months of Roland Cloud Pro membership for FREE!

Combine your Rubix audio interface with a Roland Cloud Pro membership and take your productions to a whole new level. Roland Cloud includes the mobile-ready Zenbeats music creation app and serves up a treasure trove of authentic Roland instruments with over 20,000 inspiring sounds. Register your Rubix audio interface today (whether you've owned it for years or just bought one) and join Roland Cloud for free.


This takes you to the Roland Cloud Activation page, where you can create a Roland Account or sign in if you already have one. Once this is done, just enter your Rubix serial number and start your free membership.

What's included with Roland Cloud Pro membership?

Six months FREE Roland Cloud Pro Membership (worth $60): music creation apps, synths, and samples

Zenbeats Ultimate Unlock: Mobile-ready DAW with content unlock for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows

ZENOLOGY Pro: the ultimate ZEN-Core Software Synthesizer...edit in software, play on hardware

ZENOLOGY expansions that emulate classic synths like the JD-800 and JUNO-106

TR-808: the most famous drum machine ever – now in your DAW

D-50: Roland’s ground-breaking LA (Linear Arithmetic) synthesis engine—now as a software instrument

Roland Cloud Sample Packs are royalty-free WAV files for sample-based music production

A growing collection of classic and modern sounds for Roland software instruments

How to activate your free Roland Cloud membership

How to redeem
Visit the Roland Cloud Activation page
Sign in or create a Roland Account
Choose the Serial Number tab
Choose your Rubix model and enter your serial number as the activation key
Download Roland Cloud Manager and use your Roland Account details to sign in
From the 'Library' tab in Roland Cloud Manager, select and install your Pro Membership instruments and content

Make music anywhere with Zenbeats

With Roland Zenbeats and your Rubix interface, you can create music on Mac and PC computers and also on iOS and select Android mobile devices. Your Roland Cloud membership gives you Zenbeats Ultimate Unlock with over 800 tones, 90 effects, and the ZC1 Software Synthesizer giving you the power of the ZEN-Core Synthesis System anywhere you go. It even syncs and stores your projects in the cloud for a seamless music-making experience that's always within reach.
More about Zenbeats

An ever-expanding universe of new instruments and fresh sounds

Roland Cloud Pro membership offers up a vast collection of iconic, mix-ready sounds from vintage to modern. Authentic software synthesizers and drum machines like the D-50 and TR-808 along with a constant stream of Model Expansions, Sound Packs, Sample Packs and more heighten the production value of your tracks and keep your music sounding fresh.
Explore ZEN-Core sounds

Roland sounds of past, present, and future in one software synthesizer

Explore Roland’s sonic history in a deep and powerful software synthesizer. Quickly access thousands of ready-to-go patches including classic analog, vintage digital, and modern hybrid tones. Tweak sounds to fit your mix or design from scratch with ZENOLOGY Pro’s deep editing tools. And Model Expansions for ZENOLOGY Pro deliver the authentic sound of Roland classics like the JX-8P, JUNO-106, JUPITER-8, SH-101, and JD-800.
More about ZENLOLOGY Pro

Automatic updates & easy management of everything

Roland Cloud Manager provides simple, set-it-and-forget-it management of all your Roland Cloud instruments and sounds. Browse, purchase, and install with a single click and automatically stay up to date with the latest features and fixes.
Download Roland Cloud Manager

Room to grow

After six months of exploring what Roland Cloud can do for your productions, you have the option to continue where you are, or to scale your membership up or down as your needs change. Or you can purchase individual instruments to keep forever, even without a premium membership. How you grow with Roland Cloud is up to you.
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Register your Rubix audio interface and get six months of Roland Cloud Pro membership for FREE!


This takes you to the Roland Cloud Key Registration page, where you can create a Roland Account or sign in if you already have one. Once this is done, just enter your Rubix serial number and start your free membership.

You must have a Roland Account to register your qualified products and to redeem this offer. Roland Account required to access Roland Cloud Manager to download instruments and content. Pro Membership required for ZENBEATS Ultimate Unlock, Sample Packs, TR-808 and other benefits. Limit one redemption per customer. You can only redeem a qualified serial number once per promotion. All Memberships or time-based promotion benefits begin at the time of redemption. If you redeem more than one qualified promotion, your benefits are added and run concurrently. The Annual Roland Cloud Pro Membership is non-renewing and optional. If you have already registered your hardware, please see instructions above to redeem the offer.
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